The informal Friendship Group in the German parliament has today(30 June) issued a press release on the third anniversary of the National Security Law.

The MPs call for the abolishment of the NSL, the release of all political prisoners in Hong Kong and an end to the arbitrary persecution of civil society.

We sincerely thank our partners in the German parliament for the unwavering support. 


Translated by FfHK:

“This law has effectively abandoned the „one country, two systems“ principle, violating international law.”

“We call for the release of all political prisoners in Hong Kong, an end to the arbitrary persecution of Hong Kong civil society and the abolition of the National Security Law, as recommended by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, of which the People’s Republic of China is a member.”

“We are deeply concerned that journalists, activists and politicians are also being monitored, persecuted or even threatened in Germany by agents of the Chinese Communist Party. Such activities are completely unacceptable and must be taken very seriously by German security authorities. Germany must ensure safety for human rights defenders.”


You can read the complete press release here.


Michael Brand MdB

Dr. Jens Brandenburg MdB

Leni Breymaier MdB

Axel Echeverria MdB

Heike Engelhardt MdB

Fabian Funke MdB

Anikó Glogowski-Merten MdB

Peter Heidt MdB

Katja Hessel MdB

Gyde Jensen MdB

Roderich Kiesewetter MdB

Michael Link MdB

Boris Mijatovic MdB

Frank Müller-Rosentritt MdB

Frank Schäffler MdB

Ria Schröder MdB

Frank Schwabe MdB

Nadja Sthamer MdB

Prof. Dr. Stephan Seiter MdB

Konrad Stockmeier MdB

Benjamin Strasser MdB

Derya Türk-Nachbaur MdB